Hellfire & Holy Water with Brandi Nelson

Episode 3 - What is Sexualness & Turn On Beyond Sex & Copulation?

June 17, 2021

What have you decided sexualness and orgasm is, that it's not?

Join Brandi and Dr. Anthony Mattis for a juicy conversation around sexualness; what it is and what it's not, turned on bodies and the energy of orgasm!

How much sexualness and turn on will you allow your body to be?

Dr. Anthony Mattis

Hi! I'm Dr. Anthony Mattis,

I have been using the tools of Access Consciousness for the past eight years and they have basically changed every area of my life. When I came to Access, my wife of 10 years, had recently passed away and I was raising three small children on my own. I was on my knees looking for answers. I had studied every modality under the sun from Christian Coaching to Spiritual Bird Calls.

When I stumbled upon the tools of Access Consciousness I was so disenfranchised from the lack of success I have garnered from the other modalities, that I was very apprehensive about the tools. But I started using them and got so much change despite my resistance that I couldn't deny their power.

Eight years later, I travel the world empowering people to know that they know. We have all come from different walks of life and encountered really difficult circumstances. And we each have a whole reality available to us that only we can create. I invite you on this journey with me to a greater possibility and a greater world. What if you are the gift and the change the world requires?

Dr. Anthony Mattis is a Doctor of Chiropractic, Access Consciousness Certified Facilitator, 3 Day Body Class Facilitator and Talk to the Entities Facilitator.

You can find his Podcast "Consciousness Unfiltered" on iTunes.

Check out his schedule here: www.dranthonymattis.com

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